20 Days of Prep: Day 1

Aspect: Purchasing planner, stickers, pens, etc.

Okay, friends, for the next 20 days we are going to walk you through our planners and how to prep them for the next year. You’re more than welcome to join in and follow day by day or you can catch up each weekend, whatever works best for you! Hitting goals requires planning, so we may challenge you or ask you to think about things from a different perspective. It’s all part of the process, so just stick with us!

For starters, if you haven’t already purchased your planner, now is the perfect time to do it. We encourage you to at least give yourself a week before the year begins to layout everything and make good goal choices. More prep time is always better!

Now is also the perfect time to purchase any pens, stickers, washi tape, stampers, ink, really anything you think you’d like to use with your planner. Having these things in advance makes your life easier in the long run and has the potential to save you money. If possible, purchase clearance seasonal materials now and use those for next year, your wallet will thank you!

As far as goals go, there may be specific stickers out there that will help you with your goals, such as weight loss check-in stickers or budget reminder stickers. Get out there and start researching what other people like to use in their planners! 

Overall, this moment is to think of all the whimsical aspects you want to incorporate this year. Maybe you’re more simplistic in your planner usage, just find a pen brand you really love! Thinking ahead will encourage future planner usage.

Reminder: If you’re following along with us, share your progress using #empowerandattain each day! We would love to encourage you as you set up your 2020 planner!