20 Days of Prep: Day 10

Aspect: Add any appointments, holidays, etc. you know in advance

Again, we’re sticking with creative and fun. I hope you didn’t put your stickers away yet! Today I want to focus in on the recurring appointments and plans you always have. You may not be able to fill in all of them, but even having some in will help you out.

Maybe once a month you have a conference call for work. Add it in. Or maybe every Christmas Eve at 5pm you attend a candlelight service at your church. Mark it. These events clearly have priority in your schedule, so let them have their spot in your day. 

Challenge: What’s one tradition that happens every year that you dread? Don’t mark it in your planner this year. Dread is not life-giving or joy-provoking. Consider if it’s possible to create a new tradition instead or just to skip a year and reassess next year. You decide what events take your time in 2020.