20 Days of Prep: Day 12

Aspect: Pick a word for each month

I love love love this day! You can do this for the whole year, or you can do it on a year by year basis, but I love picking a word for each month. 

On week 1, you’ll notice a box on the top right labeled “Week’s Focus”. You can pick a word for each week, month, year and place it in this box. You can pick a specific task you’d like to focus on that week. It’s really flexible.

Let me recommend though to start one word for each month. This word needs to be intentional. Maybe it specifically falls with your goals or maybe it doesn’t, but I want this one word to be the word you orient your life around for the month.

A good example would be rest. If your word for the month is rest, I’m assuming you’re setting good bed times, you’re not playing on your phone constantly, and you’re getting plenty of water and fresh air. Rest is your focus, so you’re not filling your days with things that stress you out. This word is changing the way you live for a month.

Challenge: Share your word of the month for January using #empowerandattain.