20 Days of Prep: Day 13

Aspect: Pick weekly prep day – we recommend Sundays!

Today is an easy day. It’s as easy as picking one day and sticking to it all year. What day are we picking? We’re picking a weekly prep day. This is the day when you fill in everything else that needs to go in to your planner before you start your next week.

I typically use Sundays as my weekly prep days. It’s a day of rest and relaxation, so it’s an easy choice for me. This is also the beginning of the week, so this is the day before I have to really be on top of all the moving parts in my weekday schedule.

Sundays are a good time to make sure kids are caught up on homework, spouses schedules are accounted for, and appointments are booked. This rhythm will help bring some peace to your week, because you can see everything laid out before it’s happening.

What day will you use as prep day?