20 Days of Prep: Day 15

Aspect: See where holidays fall in your goals. What safety nets can you place in your planner now to help you in the future?

Earlier we touched on the idea of holidays changing your goals because if you aren’t prepared, a holiday might pretty well throw off your goals for a month (sometimes more). Holidays can be treacherous for the person struggling with a goal. They certainly aren’t good for me. 

Between the changing budget habits and eating habits and traveling habits, sometimes it can all be too much. That’s why we want to locate these holiday struggles early and try to place safety nets within our planners to help us in the future.

For budgeting, creating lists of Christmas presents might help you most. For dieting, decide where you want to spend your calories and cut out calories in other places. For traveling, decide what places you can work ahead so you don’t need to work during your holiday. These little things can change your overall stress levels during the holidays and keep you on track. Fill in these hacks in your planner wherever possible.