20 Days of Prep: Day 16

Aspect: Research your goals in advance – what worked for other people?

You had a day off from prep for Christmas, but now I’d like you to look at your goals for next year again. Maybe you made your action steps vague… If so, now is the time to do some research. Anytime I want to meet a goal, I like to look around me and see what other people have been doing.

Having multiple plans in place is the ultimate way to reach a goal. Sometimes your plan just isn’t going to work for you, but if you can see what different options have worked for other people you have new routes to try.

The biggest thing we’re working on avoiding right now is disappointment.

It’s easy to fall into disappointment and abandon your goals when it feels like your path to a goal isn’t working. This is usually the point where you decide to give up. We forget that there is more than one way to budget, write a book, lose weight, earn a degree. Having multiple routes just increases your odds of reaching your goals.

Challenge: Share one tip that has helped you with a goal in the past using #empowerandattain.