20 Days of Prep: Day 17

Aspect: Find your accountability community!

Not to brag, but we make pretty good accountability partners here at Empower + Attain. We offer the option for you to interact with us at #empowerandattain, as well as to interact with each other.

However, online isn’t the only place you should be finding accountability. You should enlist at least 2 real life friends to help you with your goal. These should be people who regularly interact with you and will check in on your goals. Often this space can be filled by a spouse or significant other and a best friend, but anyone who will keep you on track works fine.

Goals are seldom met alone.Think about any book you’ve ever read. At the end there’s always a page that thanks a bunch of different people for their help and support. Look at walks for cures, there are always loads of teams and sponsors all supporting one goal.

Surrounding yourself with a community of people who also support your goal increases your odds of meeting your goal substantially. 

Challenge: Post a photo of you with your accountability partners using #empowerandattain.