20 Days of Prep: Day 20

Aspect: Fun Goals

We are almost at the new year. Our goals are set, our planners are prepped. We’ve learned about ourselves and we’ve surrounded ourselves with safeguards to help. After so much serious planning, I couldn’t help but give you something fun.

I want you to add one mini goal to your plans. Please please please don’t make it a big one that will overwhelm you. I want you to pick a mini goal that is fun and silly and imaginative. Pick one thing that will add joy to your day.

Learn an instrument. Watch a childhood movie every month. Doodle in every doodle spot in your planner. Add a fun little goal that is easily attained, but makes life better.

Little goals do this thing where they make big goals feel more attainable. Once you’ve completed one goal, you feel like you can do more. It’s a confidence boost and I fully support it. I want you to achieve every goal you have this year. Start with something little and fun.

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