20 Days of Prep: Day 3

Aspect: Worksheet 1 – Dream Big This Year

It’s time!! Crack open your 2020 planner and take a deep breath. This is going to be your year!

First things first. Check out the very first page. If you aren’t already following us on Facebook and/or Instagram, you are missing out. We post content all the time about hitting goals and making plans. We want to encourage and support you on this journey, so join our community. We’ll all crush our goals together!

This is also the perfect opportunity to write in your name, phone, and email. Nothing is worse than leaving your planner somewhere. Imagine all your goals floating out in the world alone. Too sad. Make sure that you at least have your name written in, by putting your name on these goals, they’re attached to you now. Once you own them, you’ll achieve them.

Now, let’s get to the reason we’re really all here today, your goals. Remember those three goals I made you decide on yesterday? On page 2 of the planner we have the perfect place for them: the Dream Big This Year worksheet. Each goal gets its own plan, so place each goal in its own little section.

From there it’s time to answer the question for each goal. (If you’re a perfectionist, I would recommend pencil for this section.) This is the space in which you’ll see if you’re actually dedicated to your goal. Questions like: why is this goal important really tend to crack open the heart of your goal, but it also gives you motivation moving forward.

Once completed, share your goal using #empowerandattain. It’s possible that some of us have the same goals! This would be a great time to buddy up and encourage each other. If yours tend to be more personal, just share one goal. Let’s build each other up!