20 Days of Prep: Day 4

Aspect: Outline Your Year Sheet

On page 3, you’ll find a massive grid. This grid looks intimidating, because it’s literally a road map for your entire year, but I promise it’s not as bad as it looks! This is going to be where you put all your goals, but broken down into smaller chunks!

So, grab another sheet of paper or use one of the pages of lined paper at the back of your planner. Write your first goal and below it, I want you to write all the action steps you can think of for that goal. Action steps are just little things you can do to get yourself closer to your goal.

An example would be like if I wanted to lose weight. An action step could be drinking more water. Or working out for 10 minutes each day. Or cutting out sugar. These are all steps in the right direction towards weight loss. Or maybe your action step is a step that builds. To run a marathon, you don’t immediately run the full marathon. You walk and run, you build up stamina, you grow your muscles. The first time you train, you’re not running the full thing. You would probably die. Little steps build to bigger steps.

Do this for each goal. Create realistic action steps that point you mentally, physically, and emotionally in the right direction to meet each goal. Once you have your action steps, spread them out over 12 months. Maybe January is as little as just making sure you do some kind of physical activity each day without a time contingency. Maybe you’re writing for 30 minutes each day in January to finally write your novel.

Another big thing to remember is these goals aren’t set in stone. Maybe one month you have a set back. It’s not the end of the world. This is simply a guide to help you stay on task. We want to reach goals, but not at the cost of your sanity or happiness.

All steps count. All steps go in the planner. Your little steps will add up to big goals before you know it.