20 Days of Prep: Day 5

Aspect: Set 1st 3 months

Remember that wonderful grid on page 3? Now is where we take that grid and layout your whole year. If you flip to week 1 in your planner, you’ll see some pink boxes on your right hand page labeled “Priority + Action.” That’s where we’re going to be working today on each week for the first three months. I encourage you to fill this second in with pencil for now, because life happens. You can always go back and change these as you come to the week, but for now pencil works just fine.

Fill in your three goals and the corresponding action steps from the first month for all of January, February, and March. This will make it easier to evaluate your plans. If your action step is working out everyday, decide when in the day you want to workout. Some people like mornings, some like evenings, but stick it at a time when you know you will do it. If you’re avoiding calorie drinks in February, wine night with your friends might be a challenge. Consider not going, or having someone at the party keep you accountable to only drink water or zero calorie drinks. 

Having your goals in your planner before your plans sets the goals in priority. Everything else flows around them, but your goals are the non-negotiable items for the year.