20 Days of Prep: Day 6

Aspect: Set 2nd 3 months

Today we’re hitting April, May, and June. These are the months when it starts to get warmer. Now might be the perfect time to plan your action steps that are outdoor activities!

Anyway, go through and add your goals and action steps weekly, based off of your “Outline Your Year” grid. These action steps should be a little more intense and a little more challenging. 

Again, by placing these goals in your planner first, you are prioritizing your goals. You will be less likely to choose things outside of your goals if they’re taking up the majority of your time and focus. 

A challenge for this month is to set aside time daily as goal time. Block yourself off for one or two hours each day. Use this time to workout, write, budget, whatever your goal is. This time is everyday and it is consistently at the same time each day. In this way you will create a routine and habit. Once you’ve blocked off your time, share an image using #empowerandattain. Are you a morning goal-getter or a nighttime goal-getter?

Changing your habits might change your world.