20 Days of Prep: Day 7

Aspect: Set 3rd 3 months

At this point, you’ve filled in half a year of goals. Now it’s time to consider the third quarter of your year: July, August, and September. This is the time when summer begins to fade and kids go back to school. Perfect for starting to amp up whatever your goal is. 

With the kids out of the house you will find yourself with a new schedule to work your goals around. Now is the time to consider whether your initial blocked off time would work best or if you think a different time slot would work better. Remember back to school will require homework help, running kids to activities, and signing paperwork for field trips, donations, and so much more.

We’re still setting goals at the priority, but we’re being realistic about them too. If you’re a stay at home mom this may give you more time, if you’re a working mom this may leave you less time. Being aware of the season changes the way your goals function in your day to day life.