20 Days of Prep: Day 9

Aspect: Add birthdays, anniv., etc.

Okay, after all the hard work we’ve been putting you through these last four days, it’s time for a fun one! Today is the day you get to bust out your tape, stickers, and pens for some decorating fun!

Go through your calendar and find all the birthdays, anniversaries, and important dates. You’ll want to have these one the big monthly calendar in your planner, but also on the correct day in your week pages. 

You can display all these days anyway you like. You can just write them in, you can color code things, you can use washi tape or stickers. This is a moment to make your planner more fun! And the added advantage is that now these events are in your planner. You don’t have to worry about those first on the month birthdays that you’d miss if you planned one month at a time.

In fact, this is a perfect time to add reminders in the weeks leading up to birthdays to buy a gift or card. Maybe the last day to mail something so it gets to them in time should be marked. Or if you’re making a reservation at a restaurant, you should note the day to call so you can still get a table.

These little reminders will do wonders for your future plans and it takes some of the pressure off.