Month 1 of 2021 is coming to a close, which means it’s a perfect time to assess your goals. Has anything changed? Are you ready to take the next step? Did you aim too high and need to stay where you are for now? Ask yourself questions about the goal and answer honestly. You can’t get up and run the perfect 5k after never running, don’t demand the impossible.

Hopefully you’ve created reasonable steps and are ready to adjust to the next step, but maybe your goal needs to change entirely. Maybe you’ve been too focused on size and not on nutrition. Maybe you wanted to learn to play an instrument and learned a song, but you don’t actually know what notes are what. Maybe you realize you hate the language you tried to learn or only like fiction books or you don’t actually need to hit that one particular goal.

Our planners are not stone tables that can never change. In fact, you should change and adjust. That’s part of life. You need to work towards being your best self. If you aren’t working towards that, then you’ll be disappointed every inch of the way.  

I love moments to reflect and adjust. Reflection empowers me to attain my goals in a realistic way. In a way that is smart and healthy. In a way that doesn’t create tension, but joy. If you’re struggling with your goals this year, take a moment and reflect. Adjust what you are doing and what you need.