Back to School Goals

As your kids begin to head back to school, it feels like a good time to talk about Back to School Goals. These are the goals that you may have put off while your kids were home for the summer, but now have time for. Or maybe these are goals for your kids that they might need help with (like moving up in reading groups). Whatever it is, the time is now.

As you think about these goals, make sure you’re adding them to your planner. With school starting there will be new events and deadlines that you’ll need to have on your radar too, so you don’t want to get behind or overwhelmed. Your planner will become your lifeline during times of stress.

If you’re unsure what goals you might want to change or add, calling a family meeting is always a good idea. This will allow other family members to express their goals and dreams for this school year, as well as give you a clear idea how full your plate will actually be. You can’t commit to a 3pm workout group if your child wants to play on a soccer team that has games at 3pm.

Remember that your goals are for your benefit. If something needs to be paused, changed, or dropped altogether, give yourself the grace and permission to do so. And, as always, if you’re struggling with a goal, we would love to offer advice or help! Happy goal-getting!