Clearing Mental Clutter

Is mental clutter consuming your days and making you less productive? I know for me, when my mind is cluttered, everything else suffers, including my work and my home. 

One of my favorite things to do when I feel like my brain is overwhelmed is to jot down a junk mental list of everything I’m thinking about. This doesn’t have to be neat, productive, or interesting. Anything that is bouncing around in my brain gets written out. From there I can see the things that I actually need to focus on versus what tasks aren’t really important.

After I make my junk list, I like to eliminate some easy tasks right away. If laundry is plaguing my thoughts, it’s easy to throw in a load and then go back to whatever else I was doing. If the house feels cluttered, I can give myself 10 minutes to walk around and put some things back in their place.

Then finally, if I still feel dread or frustration or just altogether out of it, I love a simple 5 minute meditation. I use the Headspace app, but you can use any kind of app you like or a youtube video. Even yoga can be a quick fix for when you feel uncentered. 

What is your favorite mental clutter buster?