Creating Fun Goals

So often our goals are dictated by a need. I need to lose weight. I need to pay off my debt. I need to learn this thing for work. Not to say these goals are bad, but “need” based goals can be frustrating. When you’re working towards a need based goal the stakes are higher, so when you fail it can be overwhelming. That’s why I like to include fun goals in my planner.

Fun goals are nice, easy goals that have no timeline, and often lack a clear objective. Because they are more easily achieved, I feel like they boost my motivation and allow me to have more grit when working on my actual “need” based goals. They are creative, they are subjective, they are flexible. Fun goals, simply put, are fun!

When creating a fun goal, I often like to think back to things I wanted to learn as a kid. A foreign language, an art, a skill. These kinds of things are fun! I don’t need to learn Spanish. I’m not moving anywhere. But I can learn Spanish with less pressure and more joy. I don’t need to knit anything, and I can always quit or change styles if I want to, but it gives me the opportunity to learn and grow in new ways.

Fun goals are also important because it reminds me that it’s okay to fail. Failure is part of the learning process. I will not be perfect at everything all of the time. Maybe cartwheels just aren’t in the cards for my body anymore, but how will I know if I never give it a try.

What’s one fun thing you always wanted to learn as a kid?