Creative Ways to Celebrate Spring

Looking for some fun and different ways to enjoy spring with your children? Here are some of our favorite ideas right now!


  1. Make a kite. Kites can be made with all kinds of household items or even materials found outside. A quick internet search can help you find the kite that’s perfect for the stuff you have sitting around.
  2. Plant something! Many of your favorite fruits and vegetables are supposed to be planted in early spring. Getting your kids involved gives them added pride when your plants later on grow food for dinner during the summer!
  3. Have a picnic! Nothing says spring like throwing together some sandwiches and heading to the park. Or your backyard. Or even the beach. The simple act of eating somewhere different when you may not want to be eating in a restaurant will be exciting for your kids and give you a change of scenery.
  4. Take a hike. Literally! There are tons of national parks and forests all over the nation that are open for exploration! Search out the closest spot and have your kids go on a nature hunt looking for seasonal animals.


Any of these ideas standing out to you? Or do you have other ideas? Let us know!