Decorating Your Planner 101: Washi Tape

Next up on our decorating theme is washi tape! I am SO on board with this trend.

Besides being colorful and fun, washi tape is one of the most functional planner decorating materials. Washi tape is made to be easy to remove and place somewhere else. This means, you literally can’t mess it up. (Okay, maybe there are a FEW ways you could mess it up, but stick with me).

One thing you have to learn is what kind of pens or markers work on washi tape. It varies from brand to brand so this may be a test trial moment for you. Most normal ink pens should work, but gel can be temperamental. Test things out and see what works!

I love washi tape for those moments that you know might get rescheduled. Times can change, appointments might need to be rescheduled. Plans you made, but realistically know that you can’t fit that many plans into that small of a time frame. This isn’t encouraging you to be flaky, but to be realistic. Sometimes life happens. And when it does you can move your meeting to whenever without crossing out or scribbling away in your planner.

Washi tape is also great for making important days stand out. I love those packs that have holiday specific tapes. It’s just one less thing to write in and it makes it more colorful. I’ve even placed birthday balloon tape on birthdays that way it stands out and I remember to buy a gift or a card.

Maybe it’s as simple as adding some color to a blank space or adding a splash of color on a fun day, washi tape is there for all life’s moments. Washi tapes come in all colors and forms, so it may take a little bit to find a brand you love, but once you get into it using washi tape will become a huge part of your planner process.