More and more, I have been finding it hard to focus. My mind flits from one thing to the next thing. I hop from project to project. I eat healthy, then I eat junk. I’m distracted and distracted me isn’t a goal getter. I feel like I have total squirrel brain! Have you been there before? You know what I’m talking about?

I think we can set ourselves up for failure or for success during these times where our minds are distracted and racing from one thing to the next. Life is always going to throw us distractions at every corner. Whether it’s distractions from your phone, tv, the kids, chores around the house, demanding work tasks..those distractions will always be there. But we have the choice or not to let them rule our lives or dictate how we are going to prioritize our day. 

The question becomes will I set myself up for success or for failure? Obviously we all desire to set ourselves up for success. So how do we do that? 

Here are some tips that have helped us.

  • Use a planner to schedule your day out – AND stick to it.
  • If your mind is racing, can you go for a walk, run, or some form of exercise to clear your mind? Studies show the chemicals your brain releases during a run actually helps calm anxiety and give you a sense of peace. 
  • Try using a Pomodoro Technique Timer – these timers allow you to set timed brain breaks and help you stay focused on a task knowing there is a scheduled break coming.
  • If this is a continual problem, making a change is important. Without change, you can only expect the same results you’ve had before.