Focus: Sleep Matters

Feel like you wake up and you’re already behind schedule? Does 5 AM feel like a time that doesn’t actually exist? Maybe you just feel like you haven’t had any alone time in months (or maybe a year)? Sleep matters!

What I mean is, sometimes sleep is the key to fixing all those little frustrations you have throughout the day. If you’re a morning person, or a night owl, you can make your sleep schedule work for you.

I tend to do my best work midday or later at night. So, my sleep schedule might look different than someone who has kids and needs to wake up early. The key things you need to decide with a sleep schedule are amount of time, quality, and comfort.

When creating a sleep schedule you need to decide how much sleep you function best with, what gives you the best quality, and creating a space that is comfortable for meeting your other needs. I function best with 8 hours of sleep, sometimes edging closer to 9. Knowing this changes my bedtime. For more quality sleep, I need the room dark, so blackout curtains are a good strategy. And for comfort, I love a good bedtime meditation from an app that reminds me to shut off all my muscles.

These needs are different for each person, but thinking through your needs will not only improve your sleep, but improve your daytime hours as well.