Goal Ruts

Do you feel like you often get stuck in a goal rut? Sometimes when we’ve been working towards a goal for such a long time, we tend to get complacent. When we aren’t getting the results we want, we tend to taper off. Sometimes we just get stuck.

When these moments come, it’s good to reassess your goals. Is there something you could do to push your goal? Sometimes we aren’t seeing results because we aren’t challenging ourselves. If your goal is weight loss, maybe you need to try a harder workout for a week or switch which muscle group you’re working on. If your goal is financial, maybe you need to go a month where you only buy the essentials and see where you can realistically cut back.

Or maybe it’s a good time to change your focus. Maybe the goal you’re working towards has you burnt out. You could keep digging, but that might ruin the goal altogether. Now may be a good time to pick one of your other goals to become the primary one. Only for a season. Sometimes a week break is enough to refresh you.

The main thing is to not give up on your goal entirely. Maybe you have some low calorie ice cream, but you don’t go to a buffet and binge eat. Maybe you buy yourself something for $20 that wasn’t budgeted, but you don’t drop $200 on a new tech device. Give yourself grace, within limits.