Goals Can be Spooky

Halloween is definitely a spooky season. Do you feel like your goals fall into that spooky category, too?


Sometimes goals become mountains that we just can’t climb. We look at them and they’re impossible. Maybe we set our goals too high, but more often I think we’re just making up excuses or over-exaggerating. 


Goals aren’t spooky when they’re executed the correct way. When goals feel too massive, it’s because our perspective is wrong. Obviously, if we look at running a marathon that feels intimidating, especially considering most of us are probably sitting on a couch while reading this. I can’t get up right now and go run it. But that’s not how we reach a goal.


A goal is built from lots of smaller points and goals. That’s why at the beginning of our planner we look at smaller, easy steps to take and break those big goals down into monthly action steps. A goal is attainable when we break it down into smaller action steps because we don’t have to hit one massive goal all at once. We just have to focus on one small thing at a time to move forward.


Is it spooky to walk a mile? Probably not. Is it spooky to run ¼ of a mile and then walk the rest? Nope. So, if we break our goals down into little steps, then our goals instantly become more achievable. And each time we hit a little goal we get that extra dopamine kick that makes us want to do the next thing and the next.


Don’t let goals spook you. Come up with little goals that build to your larger goal and the rest will come gradually.