Halloween Fun for the Family

Looking for a fun way to switch up your Halloween festivities? Obviously, trick or treating will never go out of style, but what about a spooky dinner made special by the whole family? We have some ideas for that!

  1. Skeleton Veggie tray

Looking for an easy way to get your kids to eat their veggies? Creating a skeleton out of veggies might be just the hack you’re looking for! Use a bowl of white veggie dip, adding black olives for the eyes and nose. Cucumbers can make an excellent spine, and adding multicolor pepper slices as ribs can really put it over the top. Celery or carrot sticks can be arms. And if you’re feeling extra creative mushrooms and tomatoes can be mixed together at the bottom to make some gory intestines. 

2. Mummified Pigs in a Blanket

Nothing like a spooky take on a tried and true favorite! Using hot dogs, brauts, or mini smokeys, wrap crescent dough around your choice leaving space for eyes. Cook as directed by your dough packaging! Or if you want to change it up, use hard pepperoni instead!

3. Ghostly S’more Dip

S’more dip is a favorite in my house. Using chocolate, heavy cream, and marshmallows in the oven at 350 until gooey always sounds good. Especially with graham crackers to dip in it! Add a spooky twist by using ghost peeps on top instead of normal marshmallows and enjoy this fun treat together!

4. Eyeball Cake Pops

Maybe dip isn’t your thing. If not, try these delicious cake pops (although, fair warning, these take a little more creativity). You can use cake mix or create your own. The biggest thing to remember is that you will be mixing together a crumbled (already baked) cake with the frosting of your choice. Make sure your combination tastes good! Take your cake/frosting mixture and mold it into round balls. I recommend placing the balls in the fridge before placing them on sticks and dipping in chocolate melts. After the chocolate hardens, make sure you have some frosting on hand to make eyeball patterns. Or let your kids create their own spooky drawings!


Which yummy option do you want to try?