Handling Holiday Emotions

One thing we stress over and over again is to plan for things that will trip you up on the way to your goals. The holidays are a joyous time, but also an emotional time and you may find yourself dealing with more emotions than you were prepared for. This might be your first Christmas without a parent or a spouse. This season you might be dealing with postpartum depression or family drama. You might be hosting Christmas for the first time and attempting to plan the perfect holiday meal has you wanting to drive away and never look back. The possibilities and emotions are endless.

The first thing you should do to stick to your goals is acknowledge your emotions. You have every right to feel the things you feel. Your emotions are raw and real, and yes they do hurt. You are allowed to feel sad or depressed or anxious or angry. It is okay. But don’t live there.

Once you’ve acknowledged your emotions, avoid your usual reactions. When I’m emotional, I tend to stress eat. Would I love to binge all those Christmas cookies in the kitchen? Yes. But I don’t. Because you’re aware of what you feel you can head off those old habits and replace them with something else. When you begin to feel those unpleasant feelings, play music, talk to a family member, wrap some presents. The more you divert to the new habit, the more ingrained this new habit will become when you feel old triggers coming up. 

Overall, the holidays can be a lot. We want to set you up for success, so we want you to be prepared for anything that might come up. Already have a healthy habit? Let us know in the comments!