Holiday Holdout

It’s time for the holidays! While this is the most exciting time of the year, this is often the time we struggle with our goals the most. Schedules are messed up, kids are home, and there are snacks around every corner. Without a little planning, your goals don’t have a fighting chance. 

The holidays are why it’s important to build your plan in advance. If you have a plan, you’re way more likely to stick to it! Remember the first few pages in your planner? These are the pages that will set you up for success! Why are you making your goal? What baby step are you at? How can you beat the holidays?

For me, I like to make an hourly schedule for each day. This means I can work around whatever parties, visits, or meals that are planned throughout the season. I also like to make myself a food guide of sorts. What am I planning to eat? Which meals will be heavier? This helps me avoid overeating, and allows me to say yes to certain holiday favorites. 

The biggest thing: write it all down! By writing it down, you commit. You make yourself accountable, even if it’s just to yourself. Make an action plan and stick to it!