How to Be Productive During the Holidays

Yikes. What a topic. The holidays are an interesting time for productivity. Kids are home from school, gifts need to be bought, food needs to be cooked, family needs to be visited. There are a million reasons not to be productive during the holidays. Add in a pandemic and here we are.

Honestly? I hate being productive during the holidays. I would love to sit by my Christmas tree (yes, it’s been up since November 1), drink some coffee, and play Christmas songs while singing at the top of my lungs. BUT that won’t get me anywhere closer to my goals. So, here are my holiday productivity tips: 

  1. Find something that excites you to motivate you. You could *cough, cough* order our NEW 2021 planner. Or a new weight set in baby blue. Or new leggings. A new set of sheet music. A fun holiday plate. Find something fun and goal oriented to treat yourself with. My favorite motivator to workout is finding a new pair of leggings that I love and telling myself if I workout X number of days I can buy them with no guilt.
  2. Schedule time for your goals. During the holidays I tend to throw my schedule out the window (whoops). This is the perfect time to block out non-negotiable times in your planner of when you will work on your goals. By this time of the year, you should have a good grasp on how much time you need for your goals each day. Plan your holiday schedule around your goals.
  3. Create a killer playlist to motivate you at any time. It’s easy to not feel motivated, but the perfect song could change everything. I recommend any song that makes you feel tough, amazing, or overall invincible. Bonus points if it’s a song that makes you want to move, especially if it has a great beat.
  4. Remember that you won’t be perfect. I know, you were expecting some amazing, life changing hack, BUT I want to give you the freedom to know you won’t be perfect and it’s okay. As long as you don’t completely abandon your goals, it’s okay to have an off week or to need to adjust.  

What are your favorite productivity hacks?