I Missed My Goal – Now What?

Goal deadlines are a beautiful thing. Until they aren’t. I set a couple goals for myself this year that I didn’t quite hit in the timeline I thought I would. We moved, we made some big purchases, and somewhere in all the chaos, I didn’t hit my goal.

Now what?

I could give you some cheesy line about working harder. Or digging deeper. But being honest? This stings a little. Yes, I made progress, but it isn’t the progress I wanted to see. It wasn’t big enough. It wasn’t hitting the ball out of the park. I missed the goal.

Are you frustrated with me yet?

I think when we miss goals, it’s easy to be discouraged. We want to abandon ship. Give up. Quit. It feels so right at the moment. BUT if you’ve been with us for any length of time you know that isn’t what I’m going to do.

We talk all the time about pivoting and adjusting goals. Changing things up can help. And progress is always a good thing. Now what? Now I pick myself up, remind myself to quit whining, and adjust.

What adjustments do you make to your goals after a big missed deadline?