Kiss Mental Clutter Goodbye

It’s a workday, but you can’t seem to get anything done. Your workspace is a mess. There is a never ending to do list running through your mind. Someone is talking too loudly. Chaos. Your brain is in chaos.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I have too much mental clutter, I can’t function. I need serene quiet and focus to work. That’s why I rely on these hacks to clear mental clutter.

  1. Clean your workspace. If your workspace is a mess, you will be too. Taking five minutes to put everything back in order will clear your vision, so you can only see (and focus on) the thing right in front of you.
  2. Write down your thoughts. If you’re working and can’t focus, take a second to write down all the things that your mind is dwelling on outside of the task at hand. Write down all these things in your planner note space or a clean sheet of paper. If you write it down you can deal with it later without forgetting.
  3. Utilize habits. When I work, I always go through the same routine before I start. Typically, I start my day off reviewing my planner so I know what I need to prioritize for the day. Then, I gather whatever materials I will need for the day. Finally, I put my phone down and turn off my email so I can focus on the tasks I need to complete. These habits set me up to have a focused workday.

Maybe your work looks a little different than mine, but by working through these tips you set yourself up for success! What is something that helps you focus?