Laying Out December

Do you ever catch yourself with planner envy?

There are so many ways to lay out a month planner! I feel like I’m always seeing a million gorgeous planners and I wish mine would look like that! We shared some fun ways to decorate your planner, but now we want to get into the details of actually making your planner your own.

For starters: What are the designs you love? 

Do you like a more elegant look? Are you whimsical? Do you like lots of color? Or are you more of a minimalist? It’s easy to find lots of different designs online and copy those feels, but just because it’s aesthetically pleasing, doesn’t mean it’s you.

An easy place to start is looking on websites like Pinterest to see what other people are doing with their planners. If you have purchased one of our planners, we want you to share your own designs using #empowerandattain so you can all connect and see what others are doing with their planner.

Once you’ve got your style, you need to give yourself a time to sit down and create it. Most months, I wait until the week before the month I’m decorating to really decide the style I want my planner to have. Sometimes it varies from week to week. It just depends on when I feel like I have the time to sit down and plan out my week.

I want my planner to bring me joy. When it brings me joy, I’m more likely to pick it up and use it. The possibilities are endless, but once you find your style you’ll embrace the planner life so much more!

What styles are you loving right now?