Make Your Goals Work For You

“I want to do x, but it doesn’t really fit into my day.” Ugh. Have you ever said or thought of that sentence before? You have a goal in your head, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Between carpool and work and cooking dinner, your world cannot fit one more requirement in… can it?

I think that all too often we forget that goals are reached through a series of small steps. You don’t go out and immediately run a marathon. You start by walking a mile. Then you walk more miles. Then you run some and walk some. Then you just run. Then you run further and further. Then you’re there. Running a marathon. 

Small steps are great because they make your goals work for you! No, right now you probably can’t fit a whole marathon into your schedule. But, you can fit a twenty minute walk into your schedule. And you can take your kids with you, too! 

You can make your goals work for you by creating chunks of work that fit your lifestyle and schedule. That’s why we provide a grid of the year, so you can break your goals down into pieces that work!

What is an easy first step you can take towards your goals today?