Meal Planning

Meal planning. My favorite and least favorite part of any month.

Often, it seems like there’s no good time to meal plan. It’s so easy to just drive through somewhere or cook whatever sounds good at the moment. When I’m doing my best planning, I think about my meals after I’ve filled in my meetings and overall schedule. This gives me the freedom to plan around what we have going on. If I know I’m going to be busy in the evenings, then it’s probably not the best time for grandma’s homemade favorite recipe. 

I love meal planning because, um, food! But also, meal planning can be hard because when you’re planning food for your spouse and kids the plan may not match your own goals. Sometimes it feels pretty difficult to feed growing kids, but also consider what foods you should be eating.

A good place to start is seeing where you can adjust your plans for healthier options. Maybe it’s as simple as adding some veggies into your meal plan as sides. Or maybe your kids are picky and you need to pick up some of those microwaves fries that are actually made of a different vegetable. (Or maybe you’re an evil genius who adds vegetables into every recipe pureed, you go girl).

This doesn’t mean that some nights you won’t throw some corn dogs and fries into the oven, but more often you’ll be considering what kinds of food you’re putting into your body. Going out for fast food every night is easy, but it doesn’t help your goals. And it certainly doesn’t help your family create good habits.

This week I challenge you to adjust one meal for a healthier option. Just one. Start small. Because one step in the right direction is a great place to start.