Motivating Habits

Anyone else have a workout goal? I always wake up with the best of intentions, but then find myself slipping. There are always a million things I would rather do than go for a walk or lift some weights. What am I missing?

Clearly, my habits are off. 

Some habits that help me function best are laying out my workout clothes the night before, rewarding myself after, and having a clear workout schedule to stick to written out in my planner.

By laying out my clothing the night before, I set my intentionality for the next day before I even go to sleep. Sometimes the outfit matches the activity I’m planning on doing. Other times it’s an outfit that makes me happy or that I think I look good in. Either way, my mindset towards the workout is more positive.

Rewards are a big motivator to me. I would do anything for chocolate- I just would. So, if I don’t feel like working out, I remind myself I don’t get my piece of chocolate or cup of coffee until I do my workout. It’s hard, but it can definitely work.

Finally, I love writing out my plans in my planner. This helps my workouts be more streamline, but also more focused. I don’t have to think about how to workout or what body parts to work, it’s already scheduled and planned.

What are your best goal getting habits?