Nighttime Routines

Do you have a nighttime routine? I used to think nighttime routines were pointless, but now I honestly love my routine. It sets me up for a great night of sleep and I wake up feeling more refreshed and ready for whatever comes up.

A nighttime routine isn’t one size fits all, but typically all routines share a few common things. Typically a routine should begin with preparing to go to bed. Things like putting on pajamas, brushing your teeth, and showering are all precursors to getting into bed. 

Besides general cleanliness routines, I think it’s important to create routines that enhance relaxation and peace. If you’ve got children, maybe your nighttime routine involves putting your kids to bed at a set time so you can enjoy quiet time in the evenings which can be so important for self-care. 

Once we get in bed, many of us like to scroll on our phones for an hour or so until we drop off to sleep. Replace this habit with something more calming with less light. If you’re going to sleep, bright lights and games probably aren’t great ideas. Activities like reading, meditations, and listening to calming music are great for promoting sleep and preparing your mind for rest. Other things like prayer or bible readings allow your mind to let go of the day and find positive thoughts to dwell on.

Tonight, try creating a more natural routine for your night. Pick some things I mentioned or gather together your own ideas. Try your new routine for a week and see if a clear nighttime routine improves your mood and productivity during the day.