Planner Planning

When is your favorite time to fill in your planner? I love to give myself a lot of time to set myself up for success. Often this means working on setting up my planner a month or two in advance. This gives me the time to gather all the dates, stickers, and other planner tools I love. A happy planner makes for a happy year (or at least that’s what I tell myself when I’m elbow deep in pens and washi tape).  

Pre-ordering your planner is a great first step in planning for a new year. Pre-ordering sets your intention for the next year. What will your focus be? What kind of planning will help facilitate this focus? Around here, we clearly love goals! So, if your intention is to reach your goals, we can help!

Next gather the stickers, pens, washi tape, whatever you want to use in your planner. I love a good sticker with a pattern or fun color. It makes me excited to use my planner. The more excited I am, the more likely I’ll maintain usage of my planner. 

Finally, make sure that you have all the dates of birthdays, anniversaries, memorable events on hand and ready to go. It’s easy to transfer from one planner to the next, but if you’re a more messy planner, getting those dates might be more work than you’d think. Extra prep now will make filling in your planner easier later on. 

Check out our blogs later this year for a more in depth look on how to best fill in and use your 2021 Empower + Attain Planner!