Planner Spotlight: Priority + Action

Not sure what to do with that pretty little box labeled “Priority + Action”? We’re here to help!

This box was added to fit a need to track certain goals or action steps daily. We’re big on routines around here and if you want to create a routine you need to do certain things every single day. You could always write those items out everyday, but how much better is it to just check off a little box everyday?!

So, to use this wonderful tracking tool, all you do is write down the task you want to track on the line and check off the days that you actually complete the task. Easy enough, right? Trust me, nothing feels better than seeing a complete week checked off from your latest goal.

Not sure what to fill in? You can add anything you want! Right now I’m tracking workouts, taking my vitamins, and hitting my water intake goal. These aren’t huge items, but over time they will make a huge dent in helping me reach my goals. If I’m drinking the right amount of water it will change my energy, my hunger levels, and my workouts. If I’m taking my vitamins, my body will function better than on those days when I forget. 

Remember, little steps add up to big goals. This is a great way to be intentional about the small things!