Ready for a New Year!

Ugh, it’s time for everyone to flood the internet with their well intended New Year’s Resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of setting goals (clearly), but I don’t love the idea of flashy, trendy, look-at-me kind of goals. They don’t work and they don’t help anyone. Ever.

We are setting goals, but they aren’t for the new year. They aren’t limited to a year. They aren’t a one and done kind of deal. The kind of goals we’re forming are life goals. They breed habits and routines. They create a new lifestyle that’s overall better for us.

What you’re going to learn in this first month is that goals are hard. They don’t come without work and often the work is strenuous. They don’t ever really stop, either. Your goals may change and your action step may change, but the goals are still there.

Do me a favor, this year loudly proclaim you aren’t making a New Year’s Resolution. You aren’t resolving to no longer do blank… You are making a lifestyle change. You are growing. You are empowered. You are attaining your goals. You are. It’s current. It’s happening now.

I encourage you to lean into this community and reach your goals with us. Don’t buy into the cheap gym rates that shoot up in February, because they know most people will quit by then. Don’t buy into the need to post online and have your “friends” tell you all their goals too, instead of listening to your goal and encouraging you. Don’t buy into the do more, be more, sell more mentality.

This is not a month long fad. This is your life. These are your goals. Are you ready for a year of #empowerandattain?