Season Change Declutter

Do you declutter at the end of each season? While this seems silly or meaningless, it’s one of my favorite habits. Tried and true, at the end of each season, I swap out decor, clothing, and other items around my home to clean out the old and make room for the new.

While some rounds are better than other rounds, I love the time this gives me to reflect. Do these clothes fit me anymore (cut, style, size)? Do these home items make sense? Do I actually like these things or were they well-meaning, but misguided gifts?

It also allows me a moment to review my own purchases. Did I impulse buy these items that I’m getting rid of a few months later? Did I buy something trendy instead of what was practical? When I can see my purchases so clearly, it gives me a better game plan moving forward.

If you have kids this practice can be invaluable! Kids grow out of sizes so quick, it’s impossible to keep up. By placing these seasonal shifts, you allow yourself the time and space to go through and clear out the old outgrown items. Then once you see what’s left you have a more clear plan on what purchases need to be made.

If you’ve never done a season clean out, I would recommend giving it a try! Take a day (or two) and swap out your items, or at least review what things you have sitting around your house.