Sunday Prep Time

When do you take the time to sit down and actually plan out your week?

A big part of reaching any goal is planning, so taking the time to actually plan out your week can be crucial. Your planning will set the tone for your entire week, so are you taking the time to sit down and do it?

I tend to love the Sunday prep day. Sundays are the day of the week that I don’t have as much going on. This means it’s a great time to sit down and think through what my kids are doing, what my spouse’s schedule looks like, what food do I need, does anyone need anything signed, did I volunteer to do anything, etc. And since it’s a low-stress day, if my thoughts spiral, it’s okay.

This is a good time to plan any workouts or mini-goals, too. If you’re working out, you want balance in your workouts. If I don’t plan out my workouts, I’ll only do the things I like… And honestly, those aren’t usually the ones that push me. Or I’ll forget about it entirely, because who has the time to workout? Or when I set mini-goals they often hinge off of each other, so if I forget one, then I’m behind! A weekly road map can only help.

Practicing planning gives you a clear view of your free time. Free time is freedom. When I don’t plan, I limit my own time because I have no idea what’s going on. Can I sit in a coffee shop with a friend? Can I take the dog for an extra stroll around the neighborhood? If I don’t know my schedule I can’t say yes to the fun things! And I want to say yes to the fun things.

What day do you use as your weekly prep time?