Tackling Fall Food Cravings

What are your favorite fall comfort foods? Fall makes me crave warm comfort foods, which tend to be heavier and higher in calories than other meals. With that in mind, I like to create a list of my favorite fall foods to space out which tasty meals we have and keep a healthy balance.

One key thing I like to keep in mind during the fall is budgeting. Since we’re approaching lots of holidays, having a tighter meal budget will help when it comes to travel and gifting later on. Find items that are on sale or meats that can be used in multiple meals. Any savvy cuts you can make will help!

I also have to remember that schedules are different in the fall. I’m busier, the family is busier. Meals that are easy, such as one pan meals or crockpot meals cut down on not only cooking time, but also cleaning time. These can be a real life saver.

Drop a recipe in the comments! The easier the recipe, the better!