Welcome to Empower + Attain

Hi, friends! We are back and better than ever, gearing up for our 2020 planners! This is a new season in our company and we’re so excited to share it with you! 


A big part of what we do hinges on the idea of goals and achieving your goals. This past year, we took some time to reassess our own goals and realized we needed to make some changes! Here’s what to expect heading into 2020…


This year, we’ve changed our design a little. From color scheme to minor tweaks, we want to make sure we were providing you with a planner that is functional, as well as fashionable. We’re always looking to make improvements. If an element works for you, let us know! If there’s something you’d like to see in the future, email us!


Another big step we’re taking this year is creating an Empower + Attain community. Goals are hard! And getting those goals done without accountability and motivation along the way is even harder! That’s why we want to work with you, both through this blog and our social media accounts to make this your most successful year yet! 


Throughout this next year, we’ll be walking alongside you with tricks and tips to help you reach your goals. We’d love if you’d join us using the hashtag #empowerattain! We want to see how you use your planner, but also we want to see your goals!


We can’t wait for this season of growth and community with you!