Work Smarter, Not Harder

Hey, friends! How are the goals going so far? Feels like we’ve been working harder this year than past years just to stay afloat! That’s why this month, since we’re over the halfway point, I thought it would be smart to review our main focus: work smarter, not harder.

So much of our planner layout and design is planned intentionally to help you with just that! We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or stressed out. We don’t want you to forget plans or intentions. We don’t want you to fail, just because the goal seems too big or lofty!


Take a few minutes today to get out your planner and really, truly work smarter. Fill in your schedule, your meals, your actions steps. Fill in the notes, your to-do lists, your reminders. Working smarter, doesn’t mean being super brainy or anything, it means using your tools and resources to make your life easier!


Have a goal in mind and just feel stuck? Or want to pick up a planner and start fresh? Let us know! We would love to help you reach your goals, whatever that looks like!