2020 Planner

Ready to knock out some of those goals this year? The Empower + Attain Planner can help you meet and exceed those goals! Order the 2020 Empower + Attain Planner to help you stay focused and break down your goals into bite-size action steps.

Planner Details

The Empower + Attain Planner is designed for you to prioritize your commitments, health, finances, goals, and, ultimately, your time. Discover the power of organization and the thrill of owning your life. Watch aspirations turn into a beautiful reality with this gorgeous accountability tool!

We create a limited supply of planners each year. So order yours today and start accomplishing your goals!

What’s Included

Goals & Reflection

Monthly section to reflect on your previous goals and plan how you can improve upon your progress.

Weekly Focus & To Dos

Stay focused and on task throughout the week to accomplish your daily activities and conquer your goals.

Prioritize & Action Plan

Get in the habit of prioritizing projects or tasks and assigning action plans to them.

Meal Planning

This single thing keeps your home running smoothly in the evenings and also saves so much money!

Why it Works

For less than $35, you can gain control of your schedule and an overwhelming to-do list! If gaining sanity isn’t enough of a reason for this planner to work for you, then nothing will work. The Empower + Attain Planner is small enough to go on the go with you and fit easily in your purse. It measures 8.5″ x 5.5″, has a wire spine, and uncoated inside pages for easy writing. 

Invest in Yourself Today!

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