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I think it’s safe to say 2021 was still quite the roller coaster. But it’s time to take back control and our plans! So who is ready to start 2022 off as a good one? Ready to knock out some of those goals this year? The Empower + Attain Planner can help you meet and exceed those goals! Order the 2022 Empower + Attain Planner to help you stay focused and break down your goals into bite-size action steps. We won’t let last year ruin the exciting plans we have for 2022!

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The Empower + Attain Planner is designed for you to prioritize your commitments, health, finances, goals, and, ultimately, your time. Discover the power of organization and the thrill of owning your life. Watch aspirations turn into a beautiful reality with this gorgeous accountability tool!

We create a limited supply of planners each year, so order yours today and start accomplishing your goals!

Why does it work?

 For less than $35, you can gain control of your schedule and an overwhelming to-do list! If gaining your sanity isn’t enough of a reason for this planner to work for you, then nothing will. The Empower + Attain Planner is small enough to take on the go with you. It measures 8.5″ x 5.5″, has a wire spine, and uncoated inside pages for easy writing.


Take hold of your life and put 2021
behind you with the 2022 Empower + Attain Planner. It’s time to make the

plans you had for the year happen!

Season Change Declutter

Do you declutter at the end of each season? While this seems silly or meaningless, it’s one of my favorite habits. Tried and true, at the end of each season, I swap out decor, clothing, and other items around my home to clean out the old and make room for the new....

Back to School Goals

As your kids begin to head back to school, it feels like a good time to talk about Back to School Goals. These are the goals that you may have put off while your kids were home for the summer, but now have time for. Or maybe these are goals for your kids that they...

Meal Planning on a Budget

Have you ever noticed how meal planning seems really fun, until you realize that all the healthy foods cost more than the unhealthy foods? For some reason, it’s easier to buy a $1 bag of chips than it is to buy veggies, and that is a tough pill to swallow. If you’re...

W h a t ’ s   

i n s i d e 


Goals & Reflection

Monthly section to reflect on your previous goals and plan how you can improve upon your progress.

Prioritize & Action Plan

Get in the habit of prioritizing projects or tasks and assigning action plans to them.

Weekly Focus & To Dos

Stay focused and on task throughout the week to accomplish your daily activities and conquer your goals.

Meal Planning

This single thing keeps your home running smoothly in the evenings and also saves so much money!


Take a look inside our 2022 planner!
We set you up for success with clear goal planning. Not only do you create goals, but you also create a plan of smaller steps to help you attain your goals!
This year we took some time to switch up our planner layout. Check out our new activity tracker which empowers you to check off your goal for each day of the week.

A b o u t   T H E   A U T H O R .

Crystal and Amanda, Creators of Empower + Attain Planner

Hi all! Welcome to Empower+Attain! The 2022 edition of this planner will be our sixth year of production. I saw a need for a planner that could do it all – without being bulky or cluttered. As a mom, businesswoman, and overall busy person, I wanted a simpler solution that put my personal needs and goals at the forefront and stay accountable to them. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been a creative adventure. I have loved watching this business change and grow over the years and cannot wait to connect with you as you reach for your goals. 

I hope this planner empowers you to attain whatever you set your mind to!

Crystal Buehler

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