20 Days of Prep: Day 8

Aspect: Set 4th 3 months

This is the last round of filling in goals. Now is the time to add in your action steps weekly for October, November, and December.

A big thing to remember in this chunk of months is this is where the biggest and most expensive holidays fall. This is where money and pants will feel a little tighter. If every holiday season you feel like you gain 10 pounds, maybe this is the year to spice up your workouts or limit yourself to one plate of food at dinner. Maybe if you catch yourself spending way too much on christmas presents this is the year to make your list in October and severely stick to a budget.

Knowing the seasonal pitfalls is a big way to hit your goals. Once you’ve considered possible failings, fill in your weekly action steps.

Share with us one way that you’re avoiding the holiday hustle in 2020 using #empowerandattain! We need good tips, too!