Decorating Your Planner 101: Stickers

Stickers are another great way to add some color and emphasis to any day. Sometimes you need a quote, but other times a simple circle can be enough to catch your attention. Stickers are a great way to add some fun with minimal effort. Who doesn’t love an excuse to be a grown woman using fun stickers?!

You might be wondering what kind of stickers we’re thinking of when we say stickers, but this is the fun part. You can pick any stickers you like. Any brand. Any shape. Any use.

Stickers are amazing because there are so many different kinds. Sometimes a flag sticker helps you remember a certain day is important. Or maybe you like arrow stickers. Maybe exclamation points are your jam. This is your planner with your goals. Stickers give you the chance to express yourself and make your planner completely your own. 

The new idea I’ve been toying with is using circle stickers to indicate the beginning of a meeting or appointment and drawing lines to indicate how much of my day it will actually take up. It’s a different way to block out time, but it lets me be a little more creative about it.

Another great way to use stickers is to help with color coding. If you want things to look a little more uniform, you could assign each event a color, especially if it’s recurring. You could make all your work meetings green, kids sports blue, or whatever. But stickers will definitely make meetings more fun.

Our challenge to you is to buy one pack of stickers this week, even from the dollar store, and play with them. Make your planner colorful and fun. Just for one event. One week. See if you like it!