Why Pre-Order Your Planner?

Pre-order season is upon us, which means now more than ever you have to commit. Committing looks different for everyone, but committing to goals for me means investing in the tools I know will serve me well in reaching my goals. This could be weights, a planner, water bottles that remind me to refill, anything, but I have to commit.

Often I think we’re afraid to take that first step of investing in ourselves. What if I fail? What if I can’t do it? You look at your bank account and think of all the other things you could spend your money on. After this year, who wants to throw money into a planner you won’t use? Honestly, we’re looking at it backwards. We still need to plan so that we can make the most of these crazy days called life. 

Because you have invested in this planner, you will use it. Because you want to conquer your goals, you will still use it (the goals didn’t stop when Covid hit, we just adapted). Because you still have meals and life and kids and a job to balance, you will still use a planner. Why not invest in one that will help you reach your goals, too?

Pre-ordering a planner is committing to yourself. It’s saying that this year you will take baby steps that lead to bigger steps. Good things take time, but you’re committing to being there for all the time and effort that it takes. 

If you have questions about the planner, I would love to answer them! If you have questions about it’s layout or features, we have a new lookbook (and a sample page to print out and use for a week!). See if our planner will empower you to reach your goals this year!